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4 Step Process


Upload Raw Supplier Data

Upload data at scale via API integration with your PIM or directly into the DataX platform

  • Product Descriptions
  • PDFs, .xls, .csv, Emails, CDs, .docx
  • Product Images



Raw data is first classified into your taxonomy and then 100s of product attributes relevant to each SKU are extracted by our AI algorithms

  • Autoclassify
  • Auto extract attributes
  • Auto-generate product titles


Review & Edit

Once the AI has labeled the data, manual review and edit of the data with lower confidence levels is done by our human team before sharing the data with you for final approval.

  • Review attribute values that AI has less confidence in
  • Edit and add any missing attribute values
  • Send for approval



Data that’s approved by the client is then seamlessly transferred to a PIM/ MDM/ ERP or other data repositories via APIs

  • Prepare output data into csv, xml or jscon format
  • Send via APIs to PIM/ MDM/ ERP systems
  • Maintain the production dataset on the DataX platform as a backup

Product Features

We help you with every aspect of the product data onboarding and enrichment process

Taxonomy Audit & Optimization

Manage taxonomies, determine impact of the changes on your catalog and submit changes for syncing the catalog to the new taxonomy

Item Setup & Onboarding

Based on raw global data provided by suppliers auto-classify and auto-extract product labels using AI.

Item Governance & Validation

Audit of current catalog for accuracy of classification, enrichment attributes and digital assets; Fix of SKUs that have minimal errors.

Optimize Customer Experience

Optimize Product listing pages, Product Landing Pages, Product Titles, Left Hand Navigation, Breadcrumbs, etc

De-duplication/ Product Matching

Match similar products to de-duplicate SKUs, create groupings, compare price, etc

Supplier Monitoring

Monitor supplier websites for change in price, activation/ de-activation of SKUs, digital assets, etc

How we engage



We evaluate the current state of your data and taxonomy; customize our data labeling algorithms and configure the dataX platform to your specifications.


We automate the workflow to match your current process and achieve up to 90% automation of the process within six months of engagement.


Fully integrate the DataX platform with your PIM system including the ability to access the DataX platform from within your existing PIM/ MDM platform.

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