Get a high-level evaluation of your catalog based on key health metrics like fill-rate, quality of images, titles, presence of required attributes, accurate classification of products, etc. We will then follow up with recommendations to optimize those aspects of your catalog that need the most attention. You can also use the health check to determine which of the subsequent dataX modules are most relevant to you.

What we need from you

  • All we need is your current catalog via API or file dumps to begin with. Advanced features would require transaction data collected over a period of time.


What we do

  • Product data health check of current catalog, including fill rate, quality of taxonomy, titles and images.
  • Compare the quality of your catalog with that of your competitor.
  • Evaluate conversions at category level and SKU level, over a period of time.
  • Recommend new attributes that will improve searches and conversions.


What you get from us

  • An easy-to-navigate dashboard with key product data health metrics and ability to drill down to SKU level.