All your customer facing content can benefit with the Customer Experience module. We optimize content on product listing pages, product landing pages, product titles, left hand navigation, breadcrumbs, etc. We also make searches more effective by using attribute weights, Google AdWords, customer search strings and navigation patterns. This tunes the display to customer expectations, increasing the likelihood that customers will see the products they are looking for.  

What we need from you

  • Current catalog, display taxonomy and content on customer facing pages.


What we do

  • Review Google AdWords, past customer searches, navigation patterns and attribute weights to enhance customer experience on your ecommerce sites, particularly:
    • Pathways optimization using breadcrumbs.
    • Product landing pages and product listings well-aligned with customer search patterns.
    • Effective product titles and descriptions.
    • Left hand navigation enables simpler searches by category.


What you get from us

  • Front end display taxonomy guided by customer behavior.
  • Vastly improved searches where customers are more likely to find the product they are looking for.