The Challenge

As catalogs grow, taxonomies become complex, sometimes even unwieldly, and need to be managed. There could be a scenario where you need to merge a couple of nodes because they don’t have enough SKUs, and it makes more sense to have them categorized as a single product type. Or, you may want to add new nodes because you are supporting new categories that you weren’t earlier. Over time, multiple additions and deletions may leave you with duplicate nodes, nodes without SKUs, too many categories that overlap, so how do you even categorize a new SKU, and where do you go looking for duplicates?  

dataX is here to help.

The Solution

As a first step, dataX modules will audit your taxonomy. This involves removing any ambiguities, duplicate nodes, as well as identifying new nodes that need to be added based on your product catalog. This done, we will upload the taxonomy with the suggested changes on to our Taxonomy Management Tool for you to review and make further edits as necessary. These edits are not limited to hierarchy, but extend to attribute definitions as well.

You are now ready to make any changes as you see fit. The Taxonomy Management Tool assesses the impact of all these changes on the underlying catalog, and gives you an Impact Score. You will get an idea of how many SKUs are going to be impacted by the changes to the taxonomy, how many SKUs will require editing, and how much effort would be involved in making those edits.

Once you approve these changes, dataX will deploy the Content Enrichment Module to update the catalog.

From this point on, you can always maintain your taxonomy via the dataX tool, and keep making changes as needed, and these changes will always be in sync with the catalog. You never have to worry about a taxonomy change requiring a huge, unknown amount of effort in updating all the affected SKUs.  

The Advantage

Retailers and distributors can manage their taxonomy as it evolves, never having to worry about the resources required to carry out a catalog update. The dataX Content Enrichment Module will automatically update your catalog after you make and approve any taxonomy edits via our Taxonomy Management Tool.