The Challenge

You have a well-defined taxonomy, in which all your SKUs are structured and maintained. You are ready to take your products to your dealers and marketplaces. Should be simple, right? There’s just one small step. You have to map your taxonomy to your dealer’s taxonomy to get started. Again, this should be straightforward, shouldn’t it? There’s no restructuring required, just a mapping, right? Absolutely. Except, when you have multiple dealers selling on channels that are slightly different from each other, and when you want to explore various marketplaces to get the best visibility for your products, and they all have their own ways of structuring their data – it no longer remains a one-time exercise. 

dataX has just the solution. With minimal effort and almost complete automation, our modules can map your taxonomy with that of all your dealers and marketplaces. 

The Solution

We start by using our Content Enrichment module to structure your base catalog. We follow this up by deploying the Taxonomy Management module to create multiple taxonomies – one for your own, and several others for each of your dealer and marketplace taxonomies. Then we perform a mapping between your taxonomy and each of these other taxonomies. Now, the mapping rules and configurations are clearly set, and all you have to do is decide where to put up your products. The dataX platform will automatically do the syndication of data in the required format, and you can send it to any of the dealers and marketplaces of your choice.

The Advantage

dataX eliminates the need for manual processes that can be slow and expensive. Especially in a case like this, where it is a straightforward mapping, the cost per SKU can add up to unacceptable amounts if done manually. With near complete automation, we can process thousands of SKUs at a fraction of this cost.

Another significant advantage is adaptability. Business rules change, and no matter how simple the rule, adapting to change takes effort – but only if you are still talking manual processes. Not with dataX. Our Taxonomy Management module takes care of that. Whenever changes happen on any one taxonomy, our module automatically looks at the mapping changes required on other taxonomies, and makes those as well. There is no situation in which you will find these taxonomies out of sync. Whenever you get a new SKU, all you have to do is decide which dealers you want to syndicate it to, and dataX will do it for you. The process is automatic, the price is competitive, and the time saved is enormous. All it takes is doing the simple things well.