Pricing for Retailers & Distributors

$6,000 per year

This includes:

  • 5 user licenses (Additional licenses are $600 per user per year)
  • $6,000 of credit towards processing fees (Additional processing fees are as in the table below)
  • 24×7 Email and chat support

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Charges per SKU are as follows :

ModuleDescriptionPrice per SKU
Content EnrichmentProvides classification, titles, gap fill of attributes and digital assets.$0.98
Content MonitoringMonitors changes to SKU price, descriptions and deactivation.$0.08
Content SyndicationPerforms data mapping to other marketplace and dealer taxonomies.$0.08

Managed Services & Dedicated Support

The pay-as-you-go model gives you access to preemptive resources, which means that your workloads may be interrupted to serve other high priority workloads. For enforceable service levels, dedicated support and comprehensive end-to-end management of your product content onboarding process including taxonomy management, competitor monitoring and customer experience optimization, we suggest our managed services plans starting at $499 per month.