Pricing for Suppliers

$3,000 per year (includes 5 user licenses). Additional licenses are $300 per user per year. All other charges are pay-as-you-go and are incurred per SKU as detailed below.

Pricing for Distributors & Retailers? Click here

Charges per SKU are as follows:

ModuleDescriptionPrice per SKU
Content ManagementUpload and manage gold standard content$0.01
Content AnalyticsAnalyze your content on distributor and retailer websites$0.04
Content PublishingPublish content to your website and API endpoint$0.01

Managed Services & Dedicated Support

The pay-as-you-go model gives you access to preemptive resources, which means that your workloads may be interrupted to serve other high priority workloads. Although, this doesn’t impact delivery timelines considerably, for enforceable service levels, we suggest our managed services plans that start at $89 per month.