dataX for Distributors & Retailers

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million SKUs processed

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Supplier data transformed into custom taxonomies

Our content enrichment module takes raw supplier data and transforms them into digital and traditional commerce ready data in your custom taxonomy

Taxonomy Optimization

We first audit and optimize your taxonomy and provide you a tool to manage that taxonomy as it evolves over time.

Content Enrichment

dataX auto-classifies raw supplier data into your taxonomy, enriches attributes, generates titles, descriptions, and validates digital assets. This is a crucial step to get the best out of your data.

Transformed data delivered directly into PIMs

We automatically map the structured product data into multiple formats and ensure consistency of the data across platforms.

Data Mapping and Syndication

Deliver transformed data directly into your PIM and map that data across ERP, PLM, e-commerce engines, dealer & marketplace PIMs, etc. Ensure the data is consistent across these platforms.

Customer Experience Optimization

Optimize and align customer facing content to customer expectations. Get better product listing pages, product landing pages, product titles, left hand navigation, breadcrumbs, etc.


Constantly monitor data quality across platforms and players

Catalog Health Monitoring

Monitor catalog health based on key product data metrics such as fill-rate, quality of images, titles, required attributes, accurate classification, etc.

Competitor Monitoring

Monitor competitor websites for similar SKUs, pricing, quality of SKUs, richness of assortments, etc.

Supplier Monitoring

Monitor supplier websites for any change in product data, including differences across regions and variants.