Digital Catalog

Versatile visual interface to view and search products by category, manufacturer or brand, filter products based on attributes, create custom product lists, and more.

Versatile Viewing

Group products by Category, or by source (Manufacturer or Supplier), or by Brand. Search within these groups and narrow down your list as per your needs.

Attribute Filtering

Filter products based on their attributes, for accurate product discoverability. This ensures that search results bring up the right product, similar to the left hand pane filtering on ecommerce sites.

Preferred Suppliers

Set preferred suppliers/wholesalers so that products from preferred sources are displayed more prominently (coming soon!). You can change these settings anytime.

Insights & Analytics

Gauge the quality of your catalog at a glance through graphs showcasing fill rates of assets, attributes, titles and descriptions. (coming soon!) This is the first step towards content enrichment.
Dashboard mockup
The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Effortless Navigation
View your entire catalog, or a portion of it with ease and accuracy.
Create custom lists of products for easy sharing, comparison and analytics.
Ask a Question
Use a convenient form to get answers to your product specific queries from the catalog.
Feedback Mechanism
Provide feedback on catalog data from within the app for continuous improvement.

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