Supplier Monitoring

Automatically receive up-to-date product data (including prices) straight from supplier and manufacturer websites.

Automatic Monitoring

Don’t waste valuable time and resources following up with suppliers for product updates. Automatically monitor every SKU on every source website, and always display the latest information on ecommerce sites.

Variants Support

Our monitoring includes product variants across regions and countries, getting you prices and other information that vary by geography.

Accurate Matching

In addition to standard product identifiers, our algorithms use functional matching to accurately identify your products on all source websites, ensuring that you never miss a single update.

Product Listing/Delisting

Ensure that the product (or its variant) on the ecommerce site is one that is currently available. Similarly, never miss displaying a product that has just been introduced by your supplier.
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The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Time and Resource Saving
Automate the supplier monitoring process and save time and money.
Competitive Edge
Stay ahead of the competition by adapting quickly to dynamic market conditions.
Enhanced Customer Service
Displaying current, actionable product data ensures reduced friction and better buying experience.
Pro-active Decision Making
Act swiftly with near instant updates on price, availability and new releases.

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