Faster Go-To-Market with minimum effort

Exponentially increase your dealer and marketplace reach with automation.
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

The Challenge: Getting data into distributor data models

Your product content is well-organized and you are ready to hit the market. Should be simple, right? There’s just one small step. You have to map your product content to that of your dealer’s to get started. Again, this should be straightforward, shouldn’t it? There’s no restructuring required, just a mapping, right? Absolutely. Except, when you have multiple dealers selling on channels that are slightly different from each other, and when you want to explore various marketplaces to get the best visibility for your products, and they all have their own ways of structuring their data – it no longer remains a one-time exercise.

The Solution: Automated mapping and transformation

The dataX transformation engine will take in data formatted in a certain way, and a sample output file. It then learns how the sample data is formatted in the output, and uses that as a template to fit in data from the input file. With minimal effort and almost complete automation, it can transform thousands of rows of product content to meet the specifications of any number of dealers and marketplaces. Within minutes, your product content is transformed to fit hundreds of proprietary specifications—and it takes almost no manual effort!

The dataX Advantage

dataX eliminates the need for manual processes that can be slow and expensive. Especially in a case like this, where it is a straightforward mapping, the cost per SKU can add up to unacceptable amounts if done manually. With near complete automation, we can process thousands of SKUs at a fraction of this cost. This means that the data of every single SKU in your catalog can be made fit and ready to be up on any ecommerce platform, increasing its reach exponentially.

More Use Cases