SKU Validation

Streamline the process of standardizing product data with unique identifiers such as MPN, GTIN, UPC/EAN codes and manufacturer and brand names.

Intelligent Pattern Matching

Advanced algorithms read and understand product data, including titles, descriptions, images and specification tables to perform functional matches and accurately identify the right product.

Industry and Format Agnostic

Trained on LLMs and product data, our models can adapt to any industry and can work with any format that the data happens to be in, whether structured or unstructured.

Attribute-based Validation

Our sophisticated algorithms analyze attributes to zero in on the right MPNs and GTINs, enabling a high degree of accuracy despite incomplete and non-standard product data.

Structured Output

Data is transformed into a structured format containing not just the MPNs and GTINs, but also UPC codes, manufacturer and brand names, presented neatly in standardized format.
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The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Time Efficiency
Automate the validation process, saving valuable time and resources.
Self-learning Model
Any tweaks in predictions are fed back into the model, ensuring better performance with every run.
Strategic Analytics
Organized data in structured format empowers analytics for business intelligence.
Customizable Format
Structured data can be customized to your unique business needs, or to seamlessly integrate with downstream analytics apps.

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