Match products based on attributes

Intelligently match products on competitor or supplier sites
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Use Cases
Product Matching

The Challenge - Identifying a product across different sites

B2B product data is often of poor quality, making it difficult to match products accurately. Some of the most common challenges include:

  • Non-standard product codes/identifiers
  • Incomplete titles and descriptions
  • Inconsistencies in categories and brands 
  • Product variants get missed out

Attempting to match products manually would not only be time-consuming, but also overlook a significant percentage of probable matches.

The Solution - Intelligent product matching using any available data

Using any available information in the product catalog our ML models are able to predict matching products with a high degree of accuracy. Even if GTINs, UPCs or MPN codes are missing, our algorithms use other product data such as titles, descriptions, and digital assets to arrive at matches. And if titles and other fields are incomplete or missing, we use attributes to zero in in the product. 

Categorization mismatch? No problem. Different brands, same product? We have that covered. Product variants? We’ll get all of them. Related products? Yes, those as well.

The Advantage

Our product matching is not limited to comparing a single product. We provide business intelligence that adds a whole extra dimension to your analysis, enabling data-driven strategies around:

  • Pricing / price differentiation
  • Assortments, overlaps and gaps
  • Categorizations and brand strategies
  • Promotions and trends
  • Assessing overall competitive position   
  • And more

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