Platform for deploying and accessing AI predictions at scale

  • Deploy custom ML, AI, NLP algorithms
  • Make over 2M predictions an hour
  • Model precisions optimized by a community of data scientists
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How it works


Submit json stream of raw, unstructured data.


Make 2M predictions/hr.


Tune and optimize prediction accuracy over time.

An Illustration: Retail Product Catalog Optimization

Turn unstructured catalog data to structured attributes in real-time.
attributes predicted so far @ 2M/hr.


Submit unstructured product catalog data like title, description, images etc.


Predict relevant product attributes - Fast, Scalable, 2M Predictions/hr.


Use structured output product info for improving customer experience, search and recommendation.

Process Flow

Step 1

Make a request (Upload/send data to API)

POST retail/api/v1/upload

Step 2

Select Attribute (custom/auto-selects based on Product Type)

Step 3

Get a response (Predicted attributes)

GET retail/api/v1/predict