the product data transformation engine

Instantly transform data in one taxonomy (or data model), to any other, using AI.

For Distributors & Retailers

What you get:
  • ✓ Supplier data into custom taxonomies.
  • ✓ Converted data delivered directly into PIMs.  
  • ✓ Constant monitoring for changes.  
  • ✓ Consistency across the supply chain.
What you will never need:
  • ✗ Access to manual data entry teams.
  • ✗ Subscription to data syndication services.

For Suppliers

What you get:
  • ✓ Upload & maintain gold standard data for free.
  • ✓ Analytics of your data on distributor websites. 
  • ✓ Publish data to your website with a single click. 
  • ✓ Data syndication API.
What you will never need:
  • ✗ Access to manual data entry teams.
  • ✗ Subscription to data syndication services.
Frequently Asked Questions
What's included as part of the base subscription?

The base dataX subscription gives you 5 user licenses, $6,000 of free credits that can be used towards processing of SKUs, ticket-based support, unlimited processing, unlimited input templates and unlimited module configurations.

Do I still need to subscribe to data syndication services?

No. dataX is a comprehensive end-to-end product data transformation, onboarding and syndication platform.

Is it true that with dataX, I don't need to do any manual processing of data at my end?

That’s correct. Your role is to review the processed data in dataX and provide feedback and approvals. You will not need internal resources or outsourced service providers for any manual data entry work.

What kind of AI models do you use?

Our AI models depend on the processing requirements and the input data format. A variety of machine learning and deep learning models that have been trained on millions of rows of data are used. Our algorithms are optimized both by the assortment and quantity of data they are trained on, as well as the variety of algorithms that we evaluate before determining the optimal one for a particular use case. We are able to do this efficiently by crowdsourcing the models using our global community of over 25,000 data scientists.

What kind of input data do you need from us?

Input data varies by module. Once you sign up, dataX will walk you through configuring both your input and output data formats. If our baseline configurations don’t work for you, our team will work with you on customizing the configurations of dataX to adhere to fit your needs.

Can you also map my data into taxonomies of dealers and marketplaces?

Yes. We can. And the entire mapping process can be automated. Review the use cases in our resources section to learn more.

What service levels do you commit as part of your pay-as-you-go pricing?

The pay-as-you-go model gives you access to preemptive resources, which means that your workloads may be interrupted to serve other high priority workloads. For enforceable service levels, dedicated support and comprehensive end-to-end management of your product content onboarding process, we suggest our managed services plans starting at $499 per month.

How long does it take to setup dataX?

It usually takes 1 week to setup dataX and upload your first batch. The processing of the first few batches does take longer as our AI models get trained on your custom input templates and taxonomies.

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