Catalog Health Check

Access your product content quality with reliable metrics. View fill rates, image and digital asset quality and efficacy of title and descriptions.

Fill-rates by Attributes

Get an idea of how many SKUs have titles, descriptions, images, specification tables, SEO & marketing keywords, features, documents and digital assets.

Optimal Parameters

Configure each attribute for key parameters, such as length, resolutions, number of features, presence of keywords, and so on.

Customizable Weights

Assign weights to each attribute so that the score is based on the most important content categories, in the order of their weightage.


Get an overview of the fill-rate of all global attributes at a glance. Group by individual supplier or category, as per your business and analytics requirements.
Dashboard mockup
The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Key Metrics Dashboard
View all key metrics in graphical format for an effective picture of fill-rates and completeness.
Data-driven Decisions
Decide exactly what part of your content needs enrichment based on key quality metrics.
Product Discoverablity
Identify products that need to be enriched so that their visibility is enhanced, leading to better discoverability.
Continuous Checks
Get continuous health reports for your growing and dynamic product content.

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