Say goodbye to manual processes with our AI-powered automation!

Digital Transformation

Easily transform data across ANY specifications: PDFs, flat files, blue prints, images and more. Great for mapping data to any channel partner template no matter how complex.
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Content Enrichment

Automatically fill product data with titles, descriptions, images, videos, attributes and digital assets - sourced directly from manufacturer data for accuracy & completeness.
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Auto Classification

Categorize every product into ANY hierarchy or taxonomy, instantly. Our models work with minimal information and can accurately learn any given hierarchy.
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Taxonomy Management

Manage taxonomy versions, hierarchies, attributes & sync catalog seamlessly. Powerful tool with user permissions and customizable options.
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Supplier Connector

Effortlessly ingest product data from various sources in ANY template into your system. Great for onboarding supplier data directly into your PIM!
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Custom Package

Do you have niche requirements, such as competitor comparison, product grouping, SDS extraction, SKU validation, functional equivalence matching, supplier monitoring, and any other custom requirement?
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