Content Enrichment

Enriched product content ready to go into your PIM / ERP / eCommerce system,
or an internal storage - wherever you prefer.

Automated Content Sourcing utilizes cutting-edge machine learning web scraping technology to automatically extract/build product titles, descriptions, attributes,  tables,  images, and PDF documents from manufacturer websites.

Seamless Integration

Our user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with your existing product management system or e-commerce platform, streamlining your content enrichment process with just a few clicks.

Customization Options

Tailor the enrichment process to suit your specific needs. Customise data fields, mapping, and extraction rules to maintain brand consistency and adhere to your content guidelines.

Data Accuracy

Our intelligent algorithms and data validation mechanisms ensure the accuracy and reliability of the extracted information. You can trust that your product data will always be up-to-date and error-free.
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The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Time & Resource Savings slashes the time and resources spent on manual content enrichment. With automation, your team can focus on more strategic tasks, improving productivity, and boosting revenue.
Enhanced Product Experience
Rich, accurate, and comprehensive product content results in a superior customer experience. Present detailed and appealing information on product sites, increasing conversions.
Faster Time-to-Market
Whenever you add new products, expedites content enrichment, enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors and to quickly get your product to market.
Easy Scalability
Whether you have a few thousand SKUs, or a few million, our automated enrichment gives you the best results, maintaining the same accuracy and consistency.

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