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We collaborate with top technology and channel partners to deliver the only comprehensive and automated solution for product data transformation, onboarding and syndication.
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Manage your client's taxonomy
Our Taxonomy Management tool manages a taxonomy and maintains versions as the taxonomy evolves. The module integrates seamlessly with your PIM ensuring that the catalog hosted on the PIM is always in sync with changes in the taxonomy.
Enrich product content
All raw data from suppliers and other sources pass through dataXi for cleansing and enrichment and the enriched data is then passed on to your PIM via APIs.
Type of technology partners we work with
If your platform leverages product data to provide search, assortment planning, inventory management, customer experience optimization or other such downstream analytics services to retailers then, is the right partner for you.
Enrich product content transforms your client's product content into your taxonomy and delivers enriched content that you can trust.
Transform product content can replace manual data entry partners and provide you an AI-driven solution for transforming product content into custom taxonomies at a fraction of the cost and time of other alternatives.
Onboard product content
Once our onboarding solution is implemented, onboarding becomes seamless and the data never goes out of sync.
Syndicate product content
Syndicate the transformed and onboarded content to dealers, marketplaces and any other channels automatically.