Auto Classification

Efficient, intelligent, accurate product categorization - into any hierarchy or taxonomy version - given minimal product information.

Automated Product Categorization

Auto-Classification reads the entire product catalog and intelligently classifies products into the appropriate categories based on their attributes and characteristics.

Flexibility for Manual Intervention

Our tool allows users to move products to another category if needed, offering the flexibility to refine the categorization as per specific business requirements.

Self-Training Model

With every manual intervention, the Auto-Classification model learns from the human's lead, enabling it to autonomously classify new products with increased accuracy.

Best used with Taxonomy Management

Auto-Classification works seamlessly with the Taxonomy Management Tool, ensuring a comprehensive taxonomy management experience.
Dashboard mockup
The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Time Efficiency
Auto-Classification automates the categorization process, saving valuable time for your team, and allowing them to focus on other strategic tasks.
Power of LLMs
The auto-classifier uses LLMs to correctly parse titles and descriptions to pin-point the navigation path of the product.
Improved Data Accuracy
Accurate categorization enhances the quality of your product catalog, providing a better shopping experience for your customers.
Streamlined Taxonomy Management
Integration with the Taxonomy Management Tool ensures that the product catalog stays organized and aligns with your business goals.

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