Competitor Comparison

Compare prices, assortment gaps by category and brand, title concatenation, attribute fill rates, digital assets and more from competitor websites.

Assortment Gaps

Are there any missing product categories in your inventory? How does your catalog compare to your competitor’s? Are there any product variants that you could take advantage of?

Title Concatenation

How do title concatenations for the same product appear on competitor ecommerce sites? How do their titles rate for relevance and search engine optimization?

Product Content

Check out the fill-rates of product content across all competitor sites. How do their images, descriptions, specification tables, documents and other digital assets compare to yours?

Price Comparisons

Are your competitors selling at prices that are comparable to your prices? How do prices vary across geographies? Is there scope for you to gain a competitive edge here?
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The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Time Efficiency
Automate the comparison process and focus on strategic business activities.
Accurate Insights
Leverage our machine learning models to obtain reliable data enabling precise analysis.
Strategic Decision-Making
Make informed decisions based on comprehensive competitor analysis.
Increased Revenue
Optimize pricing, assortment, and product presentation for higher conversions.

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