Taxonomy Audit

View and audit hierarchies, versions, navigation paths, and leaf node attributes, get suggestions for optimizations from our product data experts.

Intuitive Taxonomy Interface

Our user-friendly interface (optional) provides a visual representation of your product taxonomy structure, including multiple hierarchies and versions.

Strategic Optimization

Our product data specialists provide strategies to optimize navigation paths, identify missing attributes, and suggestions to merge or split categories.

Alignment with Business Goals

One size does not fit all. Our optimization strategies are made only after a thorough understanding of your unique business goals, and would be in perfect alignment with the same.

Comprehensive Audit Reports

Use our audit reports to streamline your taxonomy structure and embark on an enhanced product management journey.
Dashboard mockup
The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Expert Insights
Leverage our decades of experience with structuring product data across industries and domains.
Far-reaching Impact
A well-structured taxonomy on the back-end translates to a great navigation experience on ecommerce sites.
Attribute Suggestions
Adding key attributes to leaf categories can be game-changing for product discoverability and customer experience.
Best used with Taxonomy Management
Implement optimization strategies with our powerful taxonomy editor. Assess impact of changes on your catalog, and keep everything in sync.

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