dataX for Suppliers

dataX lets you maintain gold standard data and monitor the quality and consistency of your data across distributors and retailers.

100 +

thousand suppliers supported

900 +

million SKUs processed

400 +

active subscriptions

Upload and maintain gold standard data

Upload Data

Upload your data in a format that's comfortable to you.

Perform Sanity Checks

All uploaded data goes through some basic sanity checks to ensure data accuracy.

Analytics of supplier data on distributor websites

Data Consistency Across Channels

Measure the accuracy and consistency of your product content after it has been transformed into distributor's and retailer's custom taxonomies.

Content Enriched View

View how your data looks on various distributor and retailer websites.


Publish and connect catalog

Publish catalog to your website

Maintain a consistent and professional online catalog customized with your branding using our easily customizable templates.

Establish API connect with distributors and retailers

Provide an API to all your channel partners for them to stream your product data into their PIM systems and always be informed of changes.