A fast growing marketplace uses dataX.ai to scale their catalog accurately

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A fast growing marketplace uses dataX.ai to scale their catalog accurately


The world’s largest marketplace for sampling interior design materials.


When you are in possession of the world’s largest selection of interior design materials, and when your business depends on making every single one of those available to architects and designers, but your catalog only has 30000 SKUs – yes, there’s a problem.

Our client had an in-house team working on getting all their SKUs into the system, but the process was slow. With their sights set on onboarding millions of SKUs, and the speed of current process making this look impossible, they turned to dataX for a quick and efficient onboarding solution.


Within 12 weeks we had completely revamped the onboarding process. Using AI automation, our modules were getting 30000 SKUs into the system every month. Contrast this to the point just before dataX entered the picture, when there were 30000 SKUs in all, and you will get an idea of how rapid the progress was.

With growing data, the business also grew. Our client made several acquisitions, which meant there were more SKUs to process, more catalogs to merge. We successfully standardized data across acquisitions, even multilingual international data. (At the time of this writing, we are implementing this module in Japanese, allowing the client to standardize their SKUs across the two languages, and we are set to add many more languages for them soon.)

Solution Plus

Having put in place an efficient onboarding process, which would also take care of standardizing any new catalog data – we realized there was still a gap.

Our client had 800 brands from various suppliers on their catalog. Suppliers and manufacturers frequently make changes to product data, and our client had to either depend on the supplier to pass on this information, or manually check the supplier websites and update their catalog. Surely, there must be a better way to stay current?With dataX, there is.

Our modules periodically scour through supplier websites and generate reports of changes in prices, descriptions, product attributes, digital assets and every kind of product data that would require the attention of our client. Of particular interest are those attributes that lead to conversions on the website – as you can imagine, changes to such attributes would have the most impact, and as such, must never go unnoticed.

We also monitor supplier websites for the active/inactive status of SKUs, and for gaps in the digital assets (such as install images, manuals, documents). Every status change, every gap in data is made known to our client, and by extension, to their customers. Our client is therefore able to confidently present the most current and up-to-date product information, eliminating chances of putting up products that are no longer available, or worse, not even showcasing those that are!


A rapidly scaled catalog brought in substantial revenues for our client. More SKUs meant more samples that they could share, which in turn meant more referrals from brands, and more brands meant more transactions, which of course, resulted in more revenue. Catalog size. Does. Matter.

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