Extract Safety Data Sheet information for every SKU

Automate and streamline your process for Safety Data Sheet information and compliance.
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Use Cases
Safety Data Sheets

The Challenge: Compliance with SDS information requirements

You are dealing with products that contain hazardous or toxic elements that require you to extract and display SDS data. You need to zero in on the precise bit of information in the SDS for various compliance requirements such as transportation and storage mandates, precautions to be taken while handling, physical and chemical properties of the product, and so on. And you need this for every product in your catalog.

The Solution: Automated extraction of SDS information

Given the product ID, dataX can accurately extract the required information from Safety Data Sheets. This includes transport mandates, regulatory details, handling instructions, hazard identification, stocking and storage UoMs, and so on. All this data is extracted from PDFs and put into a structured format that can be used by other apps for display or communication purposes in a way that meets compliance guidelines.

The dataX Advantage

The painstaking process of extracting data from an unstructured source and converting that into structured information is automated with dataX. This means a lot more than just saving effort; it is highly accurate and hugely cost-effective even at scale.

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