Great product listings on ecommerce sites

Enriched product data leads to better product visibility.
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Use Cases
Great Product Listings

The Challenge: Incomplete content on product pages

Products on e-commerce sites are woefully short on details and specifications, so customers do not see enough information to make a purchase. They don’t even show up on searches because they lack the necessary attributes. Images are either nonexistent  or of low quality, and user guides are either missing or outdated. But worse than everything search results bring up incorrect products with filters that are either not available or are irrelevant.

The Solution: Automated enrichment from dataX

dataX Enrichment solves this problem via an automated pipeline that works meticulously to pick up all available product information. This involves looking at the base product catalog and optimizing the data to the extent possible. We do this by getting all of the right attributes into the catalog and making sure that there are no missing MPN values, which we obtain from supplier websites or any other sources that are available. We then source all digital assets associated with the product such as images, warranties, user guides, and other documents as well as specification tables. We also identify duplicate SKUs by comparing attributes, manufacturers, and part numbers, and ensure that the product data is not only highly enriched but also accurate and up-to-date.

The dataX Advantage

When SKUs emerge from the Enrichment pipeline, they have all the information required to create a great listing on an ecommerce site. Compare the two listings below: Which store are you more likely to buy from?

Before Enrichment

After Enrichment

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