Product identifiers in disarray? Validate and audit your SKUs

dataX SKU audit solutions can accurately get all your data in order. 
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Use Cases
SKU Validation

The Challenge: Missing or non-standard product identifiers

Having been in business for years, suppliers often maintain their own internal item codes and other key identifiers for product data. Over time, a proprietary data organization method could have evolved, and that’s been working well. However, this lack of standardization means that a lot of opportunities to enrich the data or work with other applications are lost.

The Solution: Comprehensive audit and automated data extraction

dataX automates the process of figuring out the right product identifiers for every SKU. Our AI model is trained to make sense of non-standard product data. In partnership with human experts, it extracts product specifications from titles and short descriptions, where available. Further, it looks for patterns within the data and uses all this as a basis to identify SKUs. Your cleaned-up file will have rows of SKUs arranged neatly with standardized MPN, GTIN, brand name, manufacturer name, and the UPCs.

The dataX Advantage

Believe us, if your product identifiers are not standardized, there’s simply nothing you can do with your product data. No enrichment, no search optimizations, no analytics, and definitely no AI. Getting your product data identifiers in shape is the first step towards using automated tools to do more and scale your business.

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