Digital Transformation

Automated data mapping and normalization of product data from any given source template to custom target formats.

Agnostic Data Ingestion

AI-powered transformation that can automatically read from different data sources and can handle formats such as PDFs, catalogs, flat files, Safety Data Sheets, images, technical documents, blue prints and many more.

Intelligent Transformation

Our tool can ingest any input file, and figure out the target mapping from just a sample output file - no template needed! It will map accurately to that output, allowing you to work with data organized in different ways.

Configurable Mapping

Tailor data mapping rules to match the specific requirements of your target outputs, availing the benefits of flexibility within an automated process, while ensuring accuracy and data consistency.

Self-Learning Model

With every manual intervention, the Transformation Engine learns and adapts itself, enabling it to tailor its performance in alignment with human reinforcement.
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The dataX advantage

Why choose us?

Time and Resource Savings
Transformation reduces the time and effort spent on manual data conversion tasks, allowing your team to focus on core business activities.
Error Reduction
Automated data mapping minimizes human errors, leading to accurate and reliable data for use in downstream applications.
Augmented Intelligence
Enjoy the power of automation combined with the ability to tweak and configure the mapping as required.
Standardized Structure
Data in a standardized structure can easily be analyzed by other digital applications.

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