Enriched data in your catalog means better structuring, which in turn means accurate AI. With the Content Enrichment module, you can get standalone or comprehensive enrichment done on all product data including global attributes, titles, specification tables, and other key attributes. We can also auto-classify your products into the required taxonomy, validate current digital assets and add missing assets sourced from any raw data including supplier websites.

What we need from you

  • Raw data containing at least the GTIN/MPN.


What we do

  • Apply business rules to validate attributes, fix anything that needs improvement, and gather missing data from the supplier’s website.
  • Build models to classify products into specified taxonomies.
  • Generate titles using the most important attributes.
  • Generate specification tables with all the key functional attributes.
  • Check each SKU for missing digital assets and add what’s missing.


What you get from us

  • Batches of processed SKUs with enriched data.